Bob Geldof - "Ending the Suffering in Ethiopia"

by Scott Wolfram, The Traveler's Well, Astrology of Location



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Speaking out at the G8 meeting in Heiligendamm, Germany - Spring 2007

The leaders of the G8 nations meet each year for a summit, which is hosted by the country holding the presidency of the G8 for that year.  This year, from June 6th to 8th, 2007, the G8 Summit took place in Heiligendamm, Germany and the topic of reducing global poverty was a top priority.  Yet, one of the more passionate expressions regarding the struggle to end poverty came not from the G8 political leaders, but from musician and activist, Bob Geldof.

Bob GeldofFor one day leading up to the G8 Summit, Geldof became the honorary editor-in-chief for the June 1st, 2007 edition of the best-selling German newspaper, Bild.  As honorary editor, Geldof placed a full-page image of a starving African child writhing in agony on the front page along with the headline: “End this! Now!”.  This simple and powerful message was followed by 24 pages of commentary wherein Geldof expressed his passion regarding the topic of poverty in Africa by writing to the G8 leaders, among other things, that "you can change things and people want you to. ... Do your job! End the misery, finally!" 

As we all know, this was not Geldof’s first effort to bring attention to the plight and impact of poverty in Africa.  In 1984, Geldof reacted to a news report about starving children in Ethiopia by co-writing the song 'Do They Know It's Christmas?'.  Then, on July 13, 1985, he organized the massive world-wide Live Aid concert to raise awareness and funds to help relieve the famine in Ethiopia.  

What insights can the Astrology of Location provide regarding the connection between Bob Geldof and the plight of the people of Ethiopia?  For Geldof, Ethiopia represents a “crossroads” location, which strongly suggests that he would be drawn to Ethiopia in some important way in this lifetime.  A “crossroads” is a location where two or more lines from three powerful and complimentary mapping systems (Astro*Carto*Graphy (A*C*G), Geodetic and Local Space) cross.  At a “crossroads”, the natural energies of the planets attempt to merge and the desire for their qualities to be expressed in life is amplified.

Map # 1



Astro-Carto-Graphy - First, on Geldof’s A*C*G map (see map #1), three planetary lines cross over the western border of Ethiopia, identifying Ethiopia as a potential “crossroads”.  When we explore the qualities of the three planetary lines, we begin to understand his connection to the Ethiopia.  First, his A*C*G Moon Midheaven planetary line suggests an emotional need to be a father figure and potentially to become well known as a father figure.  Because Geldof’s natal Moon is square the lunar Nodes, he has a need to take action and provide real nurturing during the course of this lifetime.  Since Venus rules his Libra Midheaven, the A*C*G Venus Descendant planetary line suggests a connection to his career, his social status and his desire to connect with the people of Ethiopia.  Lastly, his A*C*G Ceres Ascendant planetary line suggests an instinctual desire to nurture others. 

Map #2



Local Space - Second, Geldof’s Local Space map (see map #2) reveals another important quality of Ethiopia.  His Local Space Chiron planetary line passes directly over Addis Ababa, which is the capital city of Ethiopia.  This Chiron energy reflects Geldof’s passionate feelings regarding the poverty and hunger that the people and children experience and that it is unfair and that the wealthy nations of the G8 have the capacity to end the hunger and heal the people. 




Geodetics - Third, while his Geodetic map has no lines passing through the eastern half of the African continent, the map contains an often, more important, quality of Geodetic Resonance, which occurs when the degrees of the birth chart’s angles match a location in the fixed Geodetic Grid.  The 29 Libra Midheaven in his birth chart “resonates” with the 29 Aries Midheaven and 29 Libra IC lines that passes just west of the border of Ethiopia.  Geodetic Resonance suggests a natural and powerful connection between an individual and the culture at that location.  Bob Geldof clearly feels a connection to both Ethiopia and the African continent. 

Map #3



To understand why it was in July of 1985 that Geldof was inspired to organize the Live Aid benefit for Ethiopia and its people, we turn to the Astrology of Location maps for insights from the transits and progressions.  In July of 1985, his A*C*G progressed Moon Ascendant planetary line passed over Addis Ababa (see map #3).  energizing his instinctual desire to nurture the people of Ethiopia. 







Map #4




At the same time, the transiting A*C*G Uranus Midheaven line and A*C*G Chiron IC planetary line also passed over Addis Ababa (see map #4).  This brought a sudden awareness and change of public status (Uranus MC) of Ethiopia and Africa, particularly in regard to the unfair poverty and hunger of the children (Chiron IC).  This effort would also lead to a change in Geldof’s own social status (Uranus MC), as he was given the honorary status of knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II.



Map #5




Returning to June 2007, Geldof’s efforts as editor of Bild to influence the G8 also occurred during important transits.  On June 1, 2007, the day he was the  editor of Bild, his transiting A*C*G Jupiter MC planetary line and his A*C*G Moon MC planetary line passed over Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (see map #5).  His efforts on this day brought the attention of the newspaper’s 12 million readers (Moon MC) and the leaders of the G8 (Jupiter MC).  From the perspective of Geldof’s efforts, he was drawn to his “crossroads” in Ethiopia, raising awareness of the people he has shared a deep connection with. 

This proves that he is acting in accord with his mission in life.  He is “moving in harmony with the Sun, Moon and stars”.

Blessings and peace to you Bob and to the people of Ethiopia!




I look forward to being of service!

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