The Astrology of Location and Pope Benedict XVI’s Destiny at Vatican City

 by Scott Wolfram, The Traveler's Well Astrology









I have never been a close follower of events at the Vatican.  However, after reading Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons”, the papal conclave and the naming of a new Pope in April caught more than just a bit of my attention.  As an Evolutionary Astrologer, I am always looking to discover how astrology reveals each individual’s evolutionary intention for this life, or one’s highest potential destiny.  From the perspective of achievement for a clergyman, to be named a Pope must certainly be considered to have achieved the pinnacle of success.  I also practice Locational Astrology, which many people know as Astro*Carto*Graphy.  In analyzing the dates and locations of Pope Benedict XVI’s achievements through the lens of Locational Astrology, it is clear to me that Pope Benedict is an excellent case study.  This man was meant to become a Pope.


To perform our analysis of his evolutionary intent in life, we will look at how his natal chart is reflected in three different types of astrological maps: Astro*Carto*Graphy or A*C*G, Geodetics and Local Space.


His A*C*G map shows his natal Jupiter Ascendant line running through Rome and Vatican City. Here Jupiter, the king of the gods, bestows opportunities and benefits that expand one’s sense of wisdom.  Additionally, at these locations, Joseph Ratzinger / Pope Benedict XVI will naturally embrace a sense of confidence, optimism and generosity.  Here, Joseph Ratzinger has a real chance for advancement.


His Geoditic map shows how he is connected with culture and the physical “land”.  Thus, his Geodetic Moon IC line running past Rome suggests an environment of nurturing that leads one to feel comfortable.  At the same time, one has a need for security, which is why heritage becomes important here.  Here Cardinal Ratzinger feels the need to protect the heritage of the Mother Church.


Finally, we look at Local Space lines, which reveal the directional nature of the planets from one’s place of birth.  When a Local Space line passes through a location, it is as if the prevailing winds of life bring the particular planetary energy to that location.  For Pope Benedict XVI, Local Space Ceres, Mars and North Node all pass through or very near to Vatican City.  While Ceres brings the capacity for nurturing, Mars brings the need to take appropriate action, either as an initiator of action or to protect one’s vital interests.  Finally, his Local Space North Node line brings associations that will support the potential to actualize his destiny in the Vatican.


When lines from one’s A*C*G, Geodetics and Local Space maps all come together in one location, this signifies a location of extreme importance.  These places are known as a location of destiny or destiny point.  For Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Vatican City is a location of destiny.  Therefore, if he was to embrace his highest potential and destiny, Vatican City would be a place of importance.  And so, when Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI, he had achieved his evolutionary intention or highest destiny. 


To understand key events leading to his papacy, we will analyze the timing and location of three important events through the lens of the transiting planetary A*C*G and Geodetic lines. 

On May 27, 1977 he was ordained Archbishop of Munich-Freising and on June 27, 1977, he was ordained a Cardinal.  These events signify a combination of honor as well as transformation of his sense of identity.  His 1977 solar return, or “birthday” map placed the A*C*G Jupiter Ascendant line just east of Munich, bringing him honor.  While transiting the Geoditic Pluto IC line passed directly over Munich, suggesting that this location would be a place of personal transformation.  At the same time, his progressed Geodetic Mars Ascendant was passing through Vatican City, suggesting that he would become drawn to Rome in order to defend the Catholic Church. 


What was foreshadowed when he became a Cardinal came to fruition on November 25, 1981.  On that day he was named Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith by Pope John Paul II.  This is the part of the Church hierarchy that is concerned with the protection of the dogma of the Catholic Church and was known for holding “The Inquisition”.  Once again, his place in Munich is connected with the Vatican in Rome through key transiting A*C*G lines.  His transiting Neptune A*C*G Midheaven running through Munich suggests his need to share his purest ideals with society.  At the same time, his transiting Mars A*C*G Descendant line running through Vatican City suggests his need to take on the role as “Defender of the Faith”. 


The culmination of his efforts would not come for 25 years, but on April 19, 2005, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected to become the Pope and taking the name of Benedict XVI.  Once again, the planetary lines reveal the quality and location of this event.  Again, Jupiter brings him a sense of honor and opportunity in Rome as transiting Jupiter’s Geodetic IC line runs through Vatican City.  However, it is the transformative power of Pluto that truly revealed the changes he was about to experience.  The transiting Pluto A*C*G Midheaven line was over both Rome and Munich, radically transforming his public identity and social status in monumental ways. His life will never be the same, and he knew it.  In fact, he stated in interviews after his election that he prayed that he might not be named Pope.  His colleagues decided otherwise and placed the heavy duty of Pope on him.  This too is reflected in solar return just four days before he was named Pope.  In that solar return, the Saturn Descendant line runs just outside of Vatican City.  This reflects both the heavy duty that the Cardinals placed on him as well as the somewhat cool reception that Pope Benedict has received from outside of the Vatican City and the Church. 


In the final consideration, Joseph Ratzinger is a man with planetary lines that revealed an important destiny in Rome.  He attained that destiny in Vatican City as Pope Benedict XVI.  He was meant to become the Pope.




I look forward to being of service!