Astrocartography Relocation Astrology Reading

Astrocartography Relocation Astrology Reading  

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Client Testimonials:


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Relocation Astrology Testimonial Story


"I have been working with Scott for the past three years and can not adequately express my thanks to him for his gift of astrocartography.  His readings are given with tremendous clarity and accuracy and with examples that perfectly fit my style of learning.  Since my readings, I have made a very successful move and have received two career promotions.  I am living more of my authentic self and continue to head toward my 'north star'.  I could not be happier. Thanks Scott!"  - April 2014


"I have gotten three different opinions about this subject. Yours was the most educational, comprehensive, and understandable." - November 2012


"Scott, you had done a reading for me last year and I ended up moving to Colorado when a really great job came available to me. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance because it has been the best place for me. I feel more at home here then I ever have anywhere.  I just wanted to say thank you and I hope all is well with you." - July 2010


"Thank you so much for such a clear reading.  This was a totally different experience to my previous astrology of location reading which was mainly details of which planet was where, but not much on what it meant.


From a personal point, your interpretation helped fill in more pieces of my jigsaw and gave me great insights into why I react/behave/feel as I do, and - something I haven't understand fully before - what's driving me."  - July 2009


 "I was looking for a real person who specialized in relocation astrology, not just a computer-generated print-outs....  Your maps and planet interpretation have been invaluable and it was great to be able to talk with you by phone and to be able to ask questions..."  - June 2008


"Scott, thank you from the depth of my heart for your wonderful reading.  I'm extremely impressed with your insight, knowledge and wisdom. The echo of your voice is still lingering .....I truly appreciate your gifts and talents." - May 2007  More Testimonials...


Where will you find inspiration?

Astrocartography Relocation Astrology

Bavarian Alps.....     


Astrocartography Relocation Astrology






Astrocartography and Relocation Astrology - Mapping Your Soul's Journey

Certified in Astro*Carto*GraphyTM  By Continuum (The Jim Lewis Foundation)


3 Unique Systems:  Astrocartography - Geodetics - Local Space

Professional Approach - Expert Advice

Scott Wolfram Astrocartography ReadingsThanks for visiting! 


Below are some frequently asked questions about my astrocartography readings and this important dimension of astrology - location - or the 'where' in your birth chart.


Please let me know if you have questions and, as always, I look forward to being of service!


Why Does Location Matter?

The astrological energies of where we live can either support or frustrate our efforts in life.   Most people who attain success, on all levels of life, live at one of their best locations. 


When we live at a negative location, no matter how hard we try, most often, our efforts do not bring the results we seek.  Career efforts are thwarted, true love and relationships seem to slip away, we begin to feel stuck, etc.


So, by living at a location where the positive energies from your birth chart are focused to support you, your efforts are more effective and your life is more rewarding.  


What Makes Your Relocation Astrology Service Unique?

To identify your best locations, I use a comprehensive method to evaluate your birth chart and locations.  Along with other tools and techniques, I utilize three powerful mapping systems to connect "what am I meant to accomplish?" with "where is the best place to live?":

  • Astrocartography identifies locations where the energy of your birth chart is focused in a most personal manner.    

  • Geodetics uses a fixed foundation to identify the quality of your connections with cultures around the globe.     

  • Local Space identifies the pathways from where you were born to each planet - your own personal "trade winds".

Why Use Three Mapping Systems? 

All 3 mapping systems have a direct impact on the quality of life at specific locations:

  • Using Astrocartography alone ignores the energies of Geodetic and Local Space.

  • Negative energies in one system can weaken positive energies in another.

  • When all three systems reveal positive energies, your best locations are revealed.

I also use other techniques and maps that I can explain if you wish,

but these are the primary systems I utilize.


Do All Locations Have Astrological Energy?

Yes, a principle of astrocartography is that every location on earth is imprinted with energy that is unique to you, based on your birth chart: 

- some locations are positive and provide support,

- others are negative and present challenge,

- many locations have mixed energy, and

- many others have little energy for you. 

The goal of the consultation is to identify

your most supportive locations!


Can Success and Happiness Be Achieved Anywhere?

In theory, it is possible to achieve your goals at most locations with hard work.  In reality, when you live at a location that magnifies positive astrological influences and minimizes negative influences, success comes naturally as if life itself is supporting your goals and happiness!


Should I Visit a Location Before Moving?

Absolutely!  I do not recommend ever moving without fully checking out a location at least once (but, multiple times are best).  You need to ensure that you resonate with the culture, climate, geography and that the energies feel right for you.


When is a good time to move?

It is best to relocate when your astrological transits support relocation.


It is also best to relocate from a firm foundation (with the funds to relocate, the funds to visit the location, job opportunities, housing connections, etc.) and with clear goals for your future at the new location.


It is not a good idea to relocate when you are under extreme stress in life.  Otherwise, you risk simply taking your problems with you to the new location. 


How can I make the most of my relocation?

After selecting a supportive location, there are many additional energetic considerations:

  • The Feng Shui of your living space

  • Cleansing past karmas and realigning with the new energies

  • The ley lines and energies of the physical land

We have a group of trusted professionals that we can refer you to for these services.


Do I need an exact birth time?

An exact birth time is required for an accurate astrology of location consultation (or a range of time less than 15 minutes).


For individuals with a birth time range greater than 15 minutes, if you would like to proceed with a consultation, drop us a line and we will let you know the tools we can use for you.


What If I Have Strong Preferences For The Type of Climate I Live In?

Before we meet, I will also ask you to share your any strong non-astrological PREFERENCES (for example, geography, demographics, culture, climate, etc.) that will influence your decision about where to live.

When locations satisfy both your GOALS and your PREFERENCES, this combination is wonderful!  However, in life we often make compromises and I understand that.

For example, if your strong PREFERENCE is for a major metro area or a particular climate, then you may choose to accept a location with mixed or little energy.  If you love to surf, but Minneapolis astrologically best supports your goals, you still may not want to live there. 

That choice is up to you, but I will provide you with the astrological insights to support your decision making process. 


Learn More...



Standard Astrocartography Consultation

During our consultation, we meet for 75 minutes

to discuss the best locations I identify in my research: 


- In a 1 Continent search, on average, I identify 2 to 5 locations. 

- In a Global search, on average, I identify 4 to 8 locations. 

- In addition, I discuss any locations you ask about.


We also briefly explore the core themes in your birth chart and favorable times to visit a location, to relocate or travel.


You receive your birth chart and the maps we discuss

(sent via e-mail), a recording of the consultation,

and two pages of instructional material.


Costs For An Individual (75 Minutes)

$185 (1 Continent); $225 (Global)


Costs For A Couple (90 Minutes)

$350 (1 Continent); $400 (Global)


For individuals who want to cover more detail,

consider my most popular reading -

a 2 Hour COMBO Consultation


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Combo Astrology Consultation

By spending more time together, we can dig more

deeply into the astrological archetypes to provide

a richer and deeper understanding of both the birth chart

and your best locations. 


This 2 Hour consultation includes:

- A 1 Hour Birth Chart and Timing Reading

- A 1 Hour Astrocartography Reading


Costs For An Individual (2 Hours)

$255 (1 Continent); $295 (Global)


You receive your birth chart and the maps we discuss

(sent via e-mail), a recording of the consultation,

 and two pages of instructional material.


Note:  After any location consultation, I will answer a simple question

via e-mail about a specific location.  Or, to answer an expanded set of questions, I offer a 30 minute question and answer session at a reduced rate of $50 for an individual or $75 for a couple (for 4 months after the consultation).


Request A Consultation


How Much Does a Single Location Comparison Cost?


1 Specific Location (selected by you and your current location)

(for example, London, Los Angeles, etc.)

Individual - $140; Couple - $175

This is a 60 Minute consultation.


Other Needs?

Just let me know....


How Do You Align Changing Goals or Life Circumstances To Locations?

Each of us has multiple great locations across the globe.  I find that different locations are often suited for different chapters in life.  For example: 

  • If we feel like we are in a rut or life has stalled in some way, certain locations can awaken us to new potentials. 

  • Locations to support your education might be different than those to support your first career.

  • The next big career step or a major career change might be best supported via relocation.

  • Other locations can help us to regain your health or heal our relationships.

  • Some locations are best suited to health and leisure, for retirement or vacation, to enjoy the fruits of your success.

  • Multiple locations can be excellent to expand your business or establish great partnerships.

  • Many other locations may be simply best for travel to support either relaxation or inspiration.

So, it really depends on your present needs.

If your goal is to settle down for a longer period of time, living in a great location will start a new phase of life that is more vibrant.


Why Is Scott The Best Relocation Astrologer To Select?

I specialize in astrology of location (aka relocation astrology, astrocartography, etc.).


I speak frequently on this topic and am a certified consultant of AstroCartoGraphy as championed by Jim Lewis and Continuum.


I am a traveler and I am passionate about helping clients find the best locations where they can find greater joy and fulfillment as I have with my travels. 

View My Travelogues.


I am a full-time astrologer

and I provide a full spectrum of astrological services including natal chart interpretations and transit forecast consultations. 


I am a past President of Minnesota STARS, the NCGR chapter in Minnesota.




"Move In Harmony

With The Sun, Moon & Stars"  


This is my motto! 


My approach to astrology is quite practical and I believe we are each the architect of our own destiny - the stars provide quiet messages and supportive guidance to our journey. 


 Understanding our birth chart deeply and receiving regular transit updates, helps us to be in tune with those quiet messages and to move in harmony with them.



 Ganesha - Remover of Obstacles



Astrocartography or relocation astrology or astrology of location is a branch of astrology that utilizes the multi-dimensional blueprint contained in your birth chart as a foundation from which the key locations for your soul's journey in this lifetime are identified.  While magazines and web-sites that rank the "best locations" provide information regarding a location in terms of "what is important to most people", astrology of location uses your birth chart to identify locations that are meaningful to you as an individual!

When most people think of astrology of location, they think of Astro*Carto*GraphyTM, which is the most well known system of astrology of location or relocation astrology.  To accurately identify your best locations, I employ an integrated approach that combines Astrocartography with two other powerful and complimentary mapping systems:  Geodetics and Local Space. 

Why Analyze Three Mapping Systems (Astrocartography, Geodetics & Local Space)?  

Each of the three systems cast the planets of your birth chart onto a map of the earth utilizing a unique foundation; thereby, providing a unique set of information and perspective.  When analyzed together, the interaction between the three maps reveals insights that can be missed if using any one system alone! 

Reading Readings

The Integrated Approach - Three Complimentary & Powerful Mapping Systems

Astrocartography - Geodetics - Local Space



Astrocartography World Map









Astrocartography identifies locations where the energy of your unique birth chart is focused in a most personal manner!


Geodetic Astrology of Location Map


Geodetics uses a fixed foundation to identify the quality of your connections with cultures around the globe!



Local Space Astrology of Location Map









Local Space identifies the personal pathways from where you live to each planet around the world - your own personal "trade winds"!





This Astrocartography reading provides you with the following information:


  • GOALS & OBJECTIVES - Exploration of your goals and objectives and your experiences at previous and current locations.


  • BIRTH CHART CORE THEMES - Analysis of the core themes of your birth chart and the key planets seeking expression in your life.


  • BEST LOCATIONS - Identification of your best locations where the energy is supportive of your goals and objectives.


  • TIMING - Select the best time for relocation in order to embrace the opportunities that can make your goals reality.



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Most people are surprised to learn that there are hundreds of asteroids named for locations around the world.  When one of these asteroids connects with an important position in your birth chart, and is also identified by the three maps, we have another confirmation of the importance of a location and additional information about quality of the location. 


Reasons to consider an astrology of location (Astrocartography, Geodetics & Local Space) consultation include:




Have you considered taking a Solar Return Vacation?

You can travel for your birthday

to the location where your energy for the year ahead energizes your goals!


Check out my article titled “Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – Why Namibia?

to see how this powerful mapping technique works.






As my guru, Swami Rama of the Himalayas, stated "you are the architect of your life and you decide your destiny."  It is my hope that the information provided in this consultation will allow you to take on the role of the architect with confidence and make good choices about your relocation or travel so that you can "move in harmony with the Sun, Moon and stars".  



Atlas with Globe and Zodiac

-Linderhof Castle, Germany





A Relocation Testimonial

"Scott Wolfram saved our lives!

My husband and I were living in Southern California.  He all of his life and I for 25 years.  I had always felt like “Gilligan”, stranded on a desert Island when I only signed up for a “three hour tour”.  I tried to leave many times before I met him, to no avail.  Something unforeseen would always block my exit.  Thank goodness for that or I may not have met my soul mate! 

When I say Scott saved our lives, I really literally mean that.  I have no doubt that, for me, the “half-shelf” existence I was leading on my line of Pluto, spending all of my days needlessly “Pushing Elephants up Hills” would have done me in one way or another.  My husband, a visionary writer and teacher was met with one roadblock after another, and he felt quite invisible.

We took a few trips to different States trying to decide where to move.   Nothing felt right.  If it was right for me, then I wasn’t sure it was right for my husband.  We came to the conclusion that the 2nd half of our lives deserved to be OPTIMAL! A NO HOLDS BARRED, WWF LIFE!  BRING IT!

We agreed  that we were now both entirely willing to be told where in this big, wide world our lives together and as creative individuals would “work”, be easier,  be less stressful and grinding.  I had heard many wonderful things about Scott Wolfram and It was suggested by a mutual friend (who had also taken his advice) that I leave Southern California as soon as possible as I was steadily becoming more dare I say? crazed and ill. 

During our session we were told that my chart revealed a grand cross & that there was only 1 really SUPER place in the USA for me (that’s if you don’t count Delaware, which I firmly believe is an Urban Myth- I have never met anyone from Delaware!!).  Hawaii. ….Really?  Couldn’t there be something little bit easier to get to? After Hawaii, we had 2 places in Europe – so Hawaii it was.  This was September 2009.  We started in earnest saving and earning money to move ourselves and our kitty 2,500 miles across the ocean.  We were broke from the recession, like so many other people.  Let me say that a crazy amount of money came.  I had faith that it was because we were finally moving to the perfect place for us, the universe would rise to meet us AND IT DID.

We moved to Maui on April 14th 2010 (Scott even told us the best date to move-so we did!).  We have been here for 6 months and my health has returned, the kitty made it over, I’m starting to paint again and my husband is writing his books.  We live in a beautiful house for an affordable price that overlooks the ocean and Haleakala. Our days are spent pinching ourselves because we are continually astounded that we PULLED IT OFF! 


Our advise to you?   FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!  JUMP!

Aloha and big love to you on your journey!"

L.P., October 2010


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A 2 Hour Combo Consultation Provides:

By spending more time together,

we can dig more deeply into the astrological archetypes

 to provide a richer and deeper understanding

of both the birth chart and locations.  


Some clients prefer to schedule two sessions,

separated by a day or even a week,

in order to let the natal chart analysis "sink in"

before discussing locations. 


However, meeting for 1 two hour session

is an option that many people also like.


$255 (1 Continent Location Search - for example, North America) or $295 (Global Location Search).

Important Note:  We can also so a Natal Chart and Transit Forecast combination in this same 2 hour format.

Request A Consultation


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