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Astrocartography and Relocation Astrology - Mapping Your Soul's Journey

Identify Your Most Supportive Locations - for relocation and travel


3 Unique Systems:  Astrocartography - Geodetics - Local Space

Certified in Astro*Carto*GraphyTM  By Continuum (The Jim Lewis Foundation)

Professional Approach - Expert Advice - Commitment To Service

Thanks for visiting to explore my Astrology of Location services.


When we bring the what, where and when of our life into balance,

we are most successful and fulfilled. 


If you are ready to explore the 'where' in your birth chart,

I look forward to being of service!



Astrology reveals insights that illuminate our path as we navigate life's journey. 

The insights offered by astrology answer questions on three levels: 

what, when and where.


The WHAT In our Birth Chart

First, as we explore the archetypes in our birth chart,

we receive insights that help us to understand more about

who we are, our personality, our skills, our gifts,

our karmic past and our highest purpose in this lifetime. 

The insights help us to know ourselves better and to answer questions:


 'what am I meant to do',

'what do I need from a relationship',

'what brings me security',

'what are my special gifts',

'what is my communication style',

'what role does spirituality play in my life'. 


The WHEN In our Birth Chart

Third, astrological transits continually aspect our birth chart and

bring times of support, of challenge, of growth, of transformation and

help us to answer questions like:


'when is a good time to change my job',

'when am I most likely to meet a partner',

'when will I be most creative',

'when will things get easier',

'when will I be most successful',

'when will I be a good negotiator and communicator',

'when is a good time to move'.


The WHERE In our Birth Chart

Second, Astrology of Location imprints the energy from our birth chart across the globe. 

From this foundation of energy, we can identify important locations

that support our journey to answer important questions like:


'where can I discover my gifts',

'where can I travel to seek inspiration and awakening',

'where can I be most creative',

'why did I move here',

'why am I drawn to this location',

'where can I be most successful',

'where will relationships be easier',

'where will the journey of my life unfold'.


In your astrology of location consultation,

I take love and care to study your birth chart, transits and maps to bring

the 'what, where and when' of your life into greater perspective.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why Does It Matter Where I Live?

The astrological energies of where we live can either support or frustrate our efforts in life.   

Most people who attain success, on all levels of life, live at one of their best locations. 


When we live at a negative location, no matter how hard we try, most often, our efforts

do not bring the results we seek.   Career efforts are thwarted, true love and

relationships seem to slip away, we begin to feel stuck, etc.


So, by living at a location where the positive energies from your birth chart are focused to

support your highest and best, your efforts are more effective and your life is more rewarding.  


How Can I Use The Information Provided In The Reading?

The most potent way to experience the supportive astrology of location

energies is to live at the physical location. 


However, it is about more than relocation.


You can also use the information provided to identify great locations

for travel to be inspired, rejuvenated and energized.  Essentially by

traveling to your supportive locations, you absorb the energy and

bring it back home!  This is a form of very personal, intentional travel! 


You can also use the information provided to identify great

locations to target your career efforts.  For example, speaking at or attending

conferences, acquiring new clients, mentor relationships, supportive employers.


Finally, a more subtle approach is that you might find yourself drawn

to the culture of the location (from your current home).  An example

in my own case is being a docent at a Japanese Garden, which brought

the supportive energies of Japan into my world.  Also, my love of Irish folk music.


Should I Visit a Location Before Moving?

Relocation is a major event in life and astrology of location is one important

aspect to consider when choosing where to make a new home. 


It is equally important that you enjoy the qualities of the physical location -

those qualities that are separate from astrology of location - 

like climate, geography, demographics and overall culture. 


Also, the location must support your livelihood via the overall

economic health of the community, the employment opportunities and the cost of living. 


So, visiting a location is highly recommended. 

We have created some Relocation Tips that you may read if you wish.



Why Use Multiple Mapping Systems? 

All mapping systems have a direct impact on the quality of life at specific locations:

  • Using Astrocartography alone ignores the energies of Geodetic map.

  • Negative energies in one system can weaken positive energies in another.

  • When all systems reveal positive energies, your best locations are revealed.

  • I use Astrocartography, Geodetics, Local Space and Paran Maps

Do All Locations Have Astrological Energy?

Yes, a principle of astrocartography is that every location on earth

is imprinted with energy that is unique to you, based on your birth chart: 


- some locations are positive and provide support,

- others are negative and present challenge,

- many locations have mixed energy, and

- many others have little energy for you. 

The goal of the consultation is to identify

your most supportive locations!


What Makes Your Relocation Astrology Service Unique?

To identify your best locations, I use a comprehensive method to evaluate your

birth chart and identify your best and most supportive locations. 

Along with other tools and techniques, I utilize a powerful set of

mapping systems to connect "what am I meant to accomplish?"

with "where is the best place to live?".


I use Astro*Carto*Graphy, Geodetic, Local Space and Paran maps. 

The use of the Geodetic map is unique to my service offering.


The locations that I identify for you in this consultation will be good for your entire lifetime.   



Client Testimonial


"I have been working with Scott for the past three years and can not adequately express

my thanks to him for his gift of astrocartography.  His readings are given with tremendous

clarity and accuracy and with examples that perfectly fit my style of learning. 

Since my readings, I have made a very successful move to Florida and have received 

two career promotions.  I am living more of my authentic self and continue to head toward

my 'north star'.  I could not be happier. Thanks Scott!"

April 2014


Read More Testimonials


Can Success and Happiness Be Achieved Anywhere?

In theory, it is possible to achieve your goals at most locations with hard work. 

In reality, when you live at a location that magnifies positive astrological influences

and minimizes negative influences, success comes naturally

as if life itself is supporting your goals and happiness!


Do I need an exact birth time?

An exact birth time is required for an accurate

astrology of location consultation (or a range of time less than 15 minutes).


For individuals with a birth time range greater than 15 minutes,

if you would like to proceed with a consultation,

drop us a line and we will let you know the tools we can use for you.



How Do You Align Changing Goals or Life Circumstances To Locations?

Each of us has multiple great locations across the globe. 

I find that different locations are often suited for different chapters in life.  For example: 

  • If we feel like we are in a rut or life has stalled in some way, certain locations can awaken us to new potentials. 

  • Locations to support your education might be different than those to support your first career.

  • The next big career step or a major career change might be best supported via relocation.

  • Other locations can help us to regain your health or heal our relationships.

  • Some locations are best suited to health and leisure, for retirement or vacation, to enjoy the fruits of your success.

  • Multiple locations can be excellent to expand your business or establish great partnerships.

  • Many other locations may be simply best for travel to support either relaxation or inspiration.

So, it really depends on your present needs.

Also, specific transits will occur in our birth chart providing opportunity and often

we get drawn to our best locations during important transits.


Where will you find inspiration?

Astrocartography Relocation Astrology

Bavarian Alps.....     


Astrocartography Relocation Astrology



Standard Astrocartography Consultation

We meet for 75 minutes to discuss your best and most supportive locations.


- In a 1 Continent search, on average, we discuss 2 to 5 locations. 

- In a Global search, on average, we discuss 4 to 8 locations. 

- In addition, we discuss any locations you ask about.


We also briefly explore the core themes in your birth chart

and favorable times to visit a location, to relocate or travel.


You receive your birth chart and the maps we discuss (sent via e-mail),

a recording of the consultation, and two pages of instructional material.


Costs For An Individual (75 Minutes)

$185 (1 Continent); $225 (Global)


For individuals who want to cover more detail,

consider my most popular reading -

a 2 Hour COMBO Consultation



Costs For A Couple (90 Minutes)

$350 (1 Continent); $400 (Global)


For more information or other options on a consultation

for a couple or family, click here.



Request A Consultation



Client Testimonial


"I have gotten three different opinions about this subject.

Yours was the most educational, comprehensive, and understandable."  - Nov 2012


Read More Testimonials


Combo Astrology Consultation

By spending more time together, we can dig more

deeply into the astrological archetypes of your birth chart

to provide a richer and deeper understanding of both your birth chart

and your best and most supportive locations. 


This 2 Hour consultation includes:

- A 1 Hour Birth Chart and Timing Reading

- A 1 Hour Astrocartography Reading


Costs For An Individual (2 Hours)

$255 (1 Continent); $295 (Global)


You receive your birth chart and the maps we discuss (sent via e-mail),

a recording of the consultation,  and two pages of instructional material.


Note:  After a consultation, I offer a 30 minute question and answer session

at a reduced rate of $50 for an individual or $75 for a couple (for 3 months after the consultation).


Request A Consultation



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highlighting a variety of astrological topics.


The purpose of this newsletter is to inform.

Thank you!


How Much Does a Single Location Comparison Cost?


1 Specific Location (selected by you and your current location)

(for example, London, Los Angeles, etc.)


Individual - $140; Couple - $175


This is a 60 Minute consultation.


Other Needs?

Just let me know....



Why Is Scott The Best Relocation Astrologer To Select?

Since 2001, I have specialized in astrology of location

(relocation astrology, astrocartography, etc.).


I speak and write about this topic frequently and

am a certified consultant of AstroCartoGraphy

as championed by Jim Lewis and Continuum.


I am a traveler and I am passionate about

helping clients find the best locations

where they can find greater joy and fulfillment

as I have with my travels. 


View My Travelogues.


I am a full-time astrologer

and I provide a full spectrum of astrological services

including natal chart interpretations

and transit forecast consultations. 


I am a past President of Minnesota STARS,

the NCGR chapter in Minnesota.



"Move In Harmony

With The Sun, Moon & Stars"  


This is my motto! 


My approach to astrology is quite practical and I believe we are each the architect of our own destiny

- the stars provide quiet messages and supportive guidance to our journey. 


 Understanding our birth chart deeply and receiving regular transit updates,

helps us to be in tune with those quiet messages and to move in harmony with them.



 Ganesha - Remover of Obstacles






Astrocartography or relocation astrology or astrology of location is a branch of astrology

that utilizes the multi-dimensional blueprint contained in your birth chart as a foundation

from which the key locations for your soul's journey in this lifetime are identified.  

While magazines and web-sites that rank the "best locations" provide information regarding

a location in terms of "what is important to most people", astrology of location uses your

birth chart to identify locations that are meaningful to you as an individual!



When most people think of astrology of location, they think of Astro*Carto*GraphyTM,

which is the most well known system of astrology of location or relocation astrology. 

To accurately identify your best locations, I employ an integrated approach that combines

Astrocartography with two other powerful and complimentary mapping systems:  Geodetics and Local Space. 



Why Analyze Three Mapping Systems (Astrocartography, Geodetics & Local Space)?  


Each of the three systems cast the planets of your birth chart onto a map of the earth utilizing

a unique foundation; thereby, providing a unique set of information and perspective. 

When analyzed together, the interaction between the three maps reveals insights

that can be missed if using any one system alone! 

Reading Readings


The Integrated Approach - Three Complimentary & Powerful Mapping Systems

Astrocartography - Geodetics - Local Space

Astrocartography World Map

Astrocartography identifies locations where the energy of your unique birth chart is focused in a most personal manner!


Geodetics uses a fixed foundation to identify the quality of your connections with cultures around the globe!


Local Space identifies the personal pathways from where you live to each planet around the world - your own personal "trade winds"!



This Astrocartography reading provides you with the following information:



Exploration of your goals and objectives and your experiences at previous and current locations.



Analysis of the core themes of your birth chart and the key planets seeking expression in your life.


Identification of your best locations where the energy is supportive of your goals and objectives.



Select the best time for relocation in order to embrace the opportunities that can make your goals reality.




Reasons to consider an astrology of location (Astrocartography, Geodetics & Local Space) consultation include:


Identify locations for success, where the energy is naturally more supportive of your personal goals and objectives.


Identify locations for change, where you can get out of a rut and re-invigorate your sense of self.

Identify locations for peace, where you can leave unwanted stress behind and get in touch with your inner self.


Identify locations for travel by choosing where you vacation, particularly over your birthday,  to energize your goals.


Request An Astrocartography Reading

As my guru, Swami Rama of the Himalayas, stated

"you are the architect of your life and you decide your destiny." 


It is my hope that the information provided in this consultation

will allow you to take on the role of the architect with confidence and

make good choices about your relocation or travel so that you can

"move in harmony with the Sun, Moon and stars".  




Atlas with Globe and Zodiac

-Linderhof Castle, Germany


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Couple or Family Reading




An Astrology of Location consultation is an interactive exchange between

both of you and  me regarding your birth charts, your best locations, and

the best times for a move.  


Specifically, during the session, we review your life and relocation goals, the key aspects of your astrology birth chart,

the best locations to meet your specific goals and the best times for a move.


To determine your best locations, I blend three unique systems (Astro*Carto*Graphy, Geodetic and Local Space)

with relocated natal charts to determine the best locations for you and your goals.


Standard Reading - 90 Minutes

Best Locations For Both of You As A Couple


If you want to identify only those locations that are best for BOTH of you as a couple,

we offer a 90 minute consultation. 


The 90 minutes is roughly broken down into a 30 minute overview of both birth charts (15 minutes per person)

and then a 60 minute discuss on locations and timing. 


In this consultation, I identify all of your most supportive locations for both of you as a couple. 

On average, for 1 continent, I will identify from 2 to 4 locations and,

for a global search, 4 to 8 that are best for you as a COUPLE


 $350 for 1 Continent, $400 for a global location search




Expanded Reading - 2 Hours

Best Locations For Each of You Individually &

Both of You As  A Couple


If you want to identify those locations that are best for BOTH of you and

those locations that are best for each of you individually, we offer a 2 hour consultation. 


This 2 hour consultation is roughly broken down into a 30 minute overview of both birth charts (15 minutes per person),

30 minute for each person on their best locations and 30 minutes on the best locations as a couple and timing. 


In this consultation, I identify all of your most supportive locations for both of you as a couple and for each of your individually. 


On average, for 1 continent, I will identify from 2 to 4 locations and, for a global search, 4 to 8 locations for each

of you individually and then for BOTH of you as a couple. 


$425 for 1 Continent, $525 for a global location search





If you will be moving with children, we will test your children's charts against

your best locations as a Couple:


$25 per child in North America

$40 per child for a Global Search


Request Astrocartography Reading



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