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Living on supportive astrological energies empowers your efforts. 

The clients I speak with are looking to energize a specific aspect of their world or to start a totally new chapter of life! 


Many of my clients are Spiritual Entrepreneurs just like me looking to share their gifts more broadly with the world.

I am always glad to act as a guide and coach for those efforts. 


While the location never does the work for you, it supports your efforts for:

- growing your business,

- attracting clients,

- pursuing education,

- improving relationships,

- traveling for inspiration and rejuvenation, and

- expanding your creativity.

Many people have had a birth chart reading (the what aspect) or a transit forecast (the when aspect), but Astrology of Location (the where aspect) is almost always overlooked. 



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Astrology of Location Services


All Astrocartography Readings Include:

- Your Birth Chart, Astrocartography Map and Geodetic Map (PDF File),

- A recording of our phone consultation (MP3 File),

- A Location Summary (PDF File),

- Two pages of high-level instructional material, and

- A $25 appreciation coupon toward a transit forecast.


The meeting:

I meet with clients over the phone and  

I call you on a phone or using Skype.


Location Recommendations:

 - I review your current location any locations you ask about.

- I recommend 3 to 4 locations in a 1 Continent search and

8 to 10 locations in a Global location search.

- I assign a comparative grade of A to F (like in school) for each location.



Astrocartography Reading - Standard


In your strocartography Reading, we meet for 75 minutes

in an interactive exchange to discuss:


- the core themes in your birth chart (high-level overview),

- your best locations,

- the best times to relocate and travel,

- charts and maps,

- a Location Summary, and

- MP3 audio files.

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Astrocartography Reading - Combo


My most popular astrocartography reading is a

2 Hour Combo Reading

where we review your birth chart for 1 hour and

then your best locations for 1 hour.


This reading providing the luxury of time to explore two key topics:


First, what are my gifts, opportunities and challenges.

Second, where will my efforts be supported and lead to success.


This reading is best if  you are considering relocation and

also feel as though you are at a crossroad on your path and

asking big questions about the next chapter of your journey.


Relocation often occurs around a turning

point in life in one way or another and by

exploring both the birth chart and locations together helps

to bring the WHAT and WHERE of our life into greater perspective

and alignment as we decide next steps.



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Astrocartography Reading Overview


Astrology reveals insights that illuminate our path as we navigate life's journey. 

The insights offered by astrology answer questions on three levels: 

what, when and where.


WHAT - Your Birth Chart


First, as we explore the core themes in our birth chart,

we receive insights and confirmations that help us to understand more about

who we are: our personality, our skills, our gifts,

our karmic past and our highest purpose in this lifetime. 


The insights gained by understanding our birth chart better

help us to answer key questions like:


 'what am I meant to do',

'what do I need from a relationship',

'what brings me security',

'what are my special gifts',

'what is my communication style',

'what role does spirituality play in my life'. 


By understanding key themes in our birth chart better,

we can become the architect of our life.



WHEN - Your Transits and Timing


Second, astrological transits continually aspect our birth chart and

bring times of support, of challenge, of growth, of transformation.


Astrological transits represent the unfolding of our personal journey

over time and help us answer questions like:


'when is a good time to change my job',

'when am I likely to be promoted',

'when am I most likely to meet a partner',

'when will I be most creative',

'when will things get easier',

'when will I be most successful',

'when will I be a good negotiator and communicator',

'when is a good time to move'.


By understanding key dates,

we become a better navigator.



WHERE - Your Astrocartography


Third, Astrocartography maps identify patterns of energy from our birth chart

around the globe marking out the most important locations that support our journey

and helps answer questions like:


'where will my efforts be rewarded',

'where can I discover my gifts',

'where can I attract a loving relationship',

'where is a great place to make a home and build a family',


'where can I travel to seek inspiration and awakening',

'where can I be most creative',

'why am I drawn or was I drawn to a location',

'where can the journey of my life unfold'.


By understanding our key locations,

we know where our soul is connected and

where our efforts will be supported and energized!



In your astrocartography reading, I take love and care

to study your birth chart, transits and astrocartography maps

to bring the 'what, where and when' of your chart into greater perspective

so that you can move in harmony with the Sun, Moon and Stars.


4 Complementary Systems: 



Local Space





Frequently Asked Questions


Why Does It Matter Where I Live?

The astrological energies of where we live can either support or frustrate our efforts in life.   

Most people who attain success, on all levels of life, live at one of their best locations. 


When we live at a negative location, no matter how hard we try, most often, our efforts

do not bring the results we seek.   Career efforts are thwarted, true love and

relationships seem to slip away, we begin to feel stuck, etc.


So, by living at a location where the positive energies from your birth chart are focused to

support your highest and best, your efforts are more effective and your life is more rewarding.  



Why Use Multiple Mapping Systems? 

All mapping systems have a direct impact on the quality of life at specific locations.


I use two primary maps: 

Astrocartography and Geodetic


When using only the Astrocartography map, one misses the important energies of Geodetic map.

Negative energies in either primary map can weaken positive energies in the other.


I use two secondary maps: 

Local Space and Parans


When all maps reveal positive energies, our most supportive locations are revealed.



Do All Locations Have Astrological Energy?

Yes, a principle of astrocartography is that every location on earth

is imprinted with energy that is unique to you, based on your birth chart: 


- some locations are positive and provide support,

- others are negative and present challenge,

- many locations have mixed energy, and

- many others have little energy for you. 

If you are living at a location with negative energies,

there is always a more supportive location. 


The goal of your astrocartography reading is

to identify your most supportive locations!



How Can I Use The Information Provided In The Reading?

The most potent way to experience the supportive energies

contained in your astrocartography map is to live at the physical location. 


However, astrocartography is about more than relocation.


You can also use the information provided to identify great locations

for travel to be inspired, rejuvenated and energized.  Essentially by

traveling to your supportive locations, you absorb the energy and

bring it back home!  This is a form of very personal, intentional travel! 


You can also use the information provided to identify great

locations to target your career efforts:  speaking at or attending

conferences, acquiring new clients, working with a mentor,

identifying supportive employers, and targeting marketing or advertising.


A more subtle approach is that you might find yourself drawn

to the culture of the location (from your current home).  An example

in my own case is being a docent at a Japanese Garden, which brought

the supportive energies of Japan into my world.  Also, my love of Irish folk music.



Should I Visit a Location Before Moving?

Relocation is a major event in life and astrocartography is one important

aspect to consider when choosing where to make a new home. 


It is equally important that you enjoy the qualities of the physical location, which include

climate, geography, culture, demographics, and economics.


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Why Is Scott Wolfram The Best Astrocartographer To Select?

Since 2003, I have specialized in astrocartography.


About Scott


I speak and write about this topic frequently and

am a certified consultant of AstroCartoGraphy

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I am a traveler and have personally experienced

both the positive and negative energies in my travels!


I am passionate about

helping clients find the best locations

where they can find greater joy and fulfillment

as I have with my travels. 


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I am a full-time astrologer

Certified in Astro*Carto*GraphyTM


I also provide a full spectrum of astrological services

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I am a current member of NCGR and

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