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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt - Why Italy?

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I first wrote about Angelina and Brad in 2006 where I explored the astrological connections to their choice of Namibia as the place for Angelina to give birth to their daughter, Shiloh (see article below).  This summer, their purchase of a villa in the Valpolicella region of Italy, just outside of Verona the city of Romeo and Juliet, caught my attention once again.  Just as in choosing Namibia, Valpolicella is a place where astrology of location suggests they will naturally be drawn to and to find happiness.   

The right location can be so important, both to career success and personal happiness.  Angelina was born in Los Angeles, which is perhaps the center of the world for film and movies.  It is not “Hollywood’ alone that makes it a particularly important location for Angelina, but also her Astrocartography map (see Map #1) that tells her story.  Her Astrocartography map has a crossing of her Jupiter Midheaven and her Venus Ascendant directly over Los Angeles.  The unique beauty and allure that Angelina projects is reflected in her birth chart, which has Venus square Uranus, with Venus representing beauty and Uranus representing her uniqueness.   Working in Hollywood, her Astrocartography Venus allows her to project that aura of unique beauty effortlessly.   

Angelina’s Jupiter Midheaven suggests that career success and social status are naturally supported for her in Hollywood.  But it is at locations where the blessings of Venus and Jupiter (beauty and success) cross and merge, that their energies come together in a particularly magical way that is naturally a perfect fit for a career in film.  As a side note, when Arnold Schwarzenegger moved from Graz Austria to Los Angeles, he followed the exact same Venus – Jupiter combination, and with a similar result of becoming a major movie star.  Both Angelina and Arnold provide a great examples of how astrology of location can identify the best places to support success in one’s career. 

After Angelina, Brad and their children recently spent an extended time on location in Venice, Italy, they purchased a villa in Valpolicella.  They were drawn to Valpolicella and it was written in the stars! 

When analyzing the energies of any location, I look at maps from three unique systems of Astrology of Location (Astrocartography, Geodetic, Local Space) to target great locations for my clients.  For Angelina, all three maps point to Valpolicella as a great place to create a lovely home for her family.  First, the Geodetic map identifies the strongest pull for Angelina to this location.  Her Geodetic map (see Map #2) is particlarly favorable in Italy, with both the Moon and Mars Midheaven energies, plus the Venus Ascendant.  The Moon represents motherhood and the Moon Midheaven energy suggests that she will shine brightly as a mother here.    The Mars energy is one on which women often feel particularly strong and confident and Angelina is no stranger to femine strength.  The Venus energy is one that supports and promotes beauty, and a love of culture and enjoyment that is perfect for a summer home.   

Italy has a another connection to Angelina’s Geodetic map, which is perhaps the best reason for Angelina to love Italy.  Angelina’s Geodetic Ascendent flows through Italy, which suggests that Angelina’s personal vibration is in harmony with the cultural vibration at Valpolicella.  With this connection, I am sure that she feels like she belongs in Italy and that it feels totally natural for her to be there.   

The Astrocartography also highlights this as a wonderful location.  Her A*C*G Ceres Descendant is another energy that identifies Angelina as a mother and connects her with her children (see map #3).  The asteroid Ceres is known as “The Great Mother” and is connected to the same energy that drew her to Namibia for the birth of Shiloh (see article below).  Finally, her Local Space Vesta (see Map #4) promotes a feeling that there is a small sacred shrine somewhere in their home, which brings a quality of purity and sacredness to life.  With all three astrological mapping systems identifying supportive astrological energies, the stars are aligned for Angelina at Valpolicella.  This will be a wonderful home for her, whenever she chooses to be there! 

For Brad, there are two very favorable energies at Valpolicella:  his Astrocartography Mercury Midheaven (see map #5) and his Geodetic Jupiter Midheaven (see map #6).  Both Jupiter and Mercury have very supportive energies in general and are also particularly important for Brad.  Since Jupiter rules his Sagittarius Ascendant, it also is his chart ruler and is somewhat representative of his identity.  Mercury rules Brad’s Virgo Midhevean and therefore, is representative of his social identity and his place in society.  There are additional technical astrological qualities to Jupiter and Mercury for Brad that make them somewhat like a magnet, drawing him to the supportive energies of Jupiter and Mercury, and therefore to Valpolicello.  


So, Valpolicella is a great location for both Angelina and Brad, but why now?  From the perspective of astrological timing, they both have wonderful energies suggesting the purchase of a new home.  For Angelina, Venus is the planet that rules her “home” and “inner sense of identity and comfort”.  Again, the goddess of love makes herself present in Angelina’s chart.  Presently, transiting Jupiter is trine natal Venus, while natal Saturn is sextile natal Venus.  Together, these transits promote new opportunities (Jupiter) to establish (Saturn) a new, comfortable home (Venus).  For Brad, transiting Jupiter has moved into his 4th house of home, which is a natural time to buy a new home, ot to remodel or expand one’s existing home.   

Astrology of Location, however, reveals additional insights.  Each year the Sun returns to the exact position as it was in the birth chart, which is called a Solar Return.  While this is basically one’s astrological birthday, it also creates a special chart and a special Astrocartography map for the year ahead.  Thus, the Astrocartography map for the Solar Return identifies important places for us in the year ahead.  For Angelina, the Astrocartography Sun Ascendant was passing over northern Italy, drawing her to Valpolicella like the inspiration of a beautiful June morning.  For Brad, the Astrocartography Vesta IC in his Solar Return ACG map for the year identified Italy as a place where he would be drawn to feel sacred, warm, vital.   

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may not have used astrology to pick their new home in Valpolicella, but they are certainly in tune with the astrological qualities, both in terms of where to call home and when to take action on it.  In a very real sense, they are “moving in harmony with the Sun, Moon and stars”.  I am certain they will enjoy Valpolicella.  

If you want to know where the stars align and call you to success, love and happiness, you can contact me at.

Birth Data

Angelina Jolie, born June 4, 1965 at 9:09 AM in Los Angeles, California

Brad Pitt, born December 18, 1963 at 6:31 AM in Shawnee, Oklahoma

Arnold Schwarzenegger, born July 30, 1947 at 4:10 AM in Graz, Austria

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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt - Why Namibia?

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The entertainment world has been buzzing about Angelina Jolie’s and Brad Pitt’s choice of Namibia, which is a nation on the southwest coast of the African continent, as the birthplace of their child.  There has been plently of theorizing and speculation in the media as to why they chose this particular location.  In this article, I will explore why Angelina and Brad chose Swakopmund, Namibia using three systems of Astrology of Location (Astro*Carto*Graphy, Geodetics and Local Space).  Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt was born, near the town of Swakopmund, at about 1:40 am on Sunday, May 28th, 2006. 

Brad and Angelina chose this location for the birth of their child; a location few couples would naturally consider. 

In my work with the Astrology of Location, I help clients identify places that are supportive of their personal goals and the intention of their soul’s journey in life.  Often, I identify key locations for individuals that are not on their “radar screen” of potential locations.  These locations have the distinction of being considered either impractical or unappealing or both.  This happens because most of us want to live in places that we consider to be attractive to us and we each have our own list of characteristics that constitute “a great place to live”.  Generally, remote locations in less than prosperous nations (Namibia) do not fit the pre-existing criteria established by most people.   

However, the choice of Angelina and Brad provides an excellent example of selecting an unusual location that truly works for them.  That said, both Angelina and Brad possess two necessary criteria required to explore unusual places:  opportunity and openness.  As actors, they have the opportunity to experience numerous different locations when filming movies “on location”.   Angelina was in Namibia for the filming of “Beyond Borders” in 2001.  Their work takes them to places where they actively experience the quality of different cultures and environments.  Many of us do not have this opportunity readily available to us.  Being open to the quality of their experiences and recognizing what works for them personally is also key.  Namibia does not have to work for everyone, but Angelina and Brad found that it definitely works for them!  Now, let’s look at how the planets align to make this a special location for each of them.

I use three types of maps to explore the quality of energy at a particular location: Astro*Carto*Graphy (A*C*G) maps, which provide a personal map representing your soul’s journey; Geodetic maps, which reveal the quality of your connection with various cultures; and Local Space maps, which indicate the directions along which the energies of your life flow. 

When we look at the maps for both Angelina and Brad, we find that all three maps have lines that pass through Namibia.  When all three systems of maps have planetary lines that cross in one place, that crossing tells us that the location is a place of significance.  For Angelina, the following planetary lines pass through Namibia:  first, her A*C*G Sun Descendant and Neptune Ascendant lines; second, her Geodetic Jupiter and Moon Midheaven lines; and, finally, her Local Space Sun line.   For Brad, the following planetary lines pass through Namibia:  first, his A*C*G and Local Space Mercury and Moon lines; and, second, his Geodetic Jupiter Midheaven line. 

Once again, for both individuals, Namibia is a place where the energies of their life come together through these multiple planetary crossings.  All of the planets involved in their crossings generally reflect planetary energies that are positive.   In addition, when exploring these planets in the context of their natal charts, these planets are seeking conscious expression in their lives.  As a result, this is an important location for them and one in which they are likely to feel a strong attraction. 

Now, we can attempt to answer why Angelina and Brad were drawn to Namibia at this time.  Angelina’s birthday is June fourth, so my first step was to explore the map of her Solar Return chart for this year (a Solar Return chart reflects the time each year when the Sun returns to the exact place in the zodiac where it was at the moment of birth).  For astrology of location, the A*C*G map for the Solar Return reveals important locations for the new solar year ahead.  Specifically, when a location on the Solar Return map crosses a key location on an individual’s natal maps, that location is often a place where the energy of the birth chart is looking for expression in the year ahead. 

We find examples of this for Angelina and the symbolism is perfect for her having her baby in Namibia.  The A*C*G Ceres Midheaven line on her Solar Return map passes directly over Swakopmund (see A*C*G map below).  In addition to the Solar Return map, the transiting planets can also be placed onto the map revealing that transiting Ceres is also running just West of Namibia.  When the transiting planets at the time of Shiloh’s birth are placed onto Angelina’s A*C*G map, the transiting Ceres IC line passes just west of Swakopmund.  Again, the themes of children and parenthood are energized at Swakopmund. 

This line suggests that this small, relatively unknown town is a place where Angelina would become known (Midheaven) for being the mother (Ceres) of her child.  While Shiloh was born a week before Angelina’s birthday, it seems that they were drawn to this spot for her birth.  The result seems to be that Angelina and Brad brought there daughter into the world in a place that had meaning for them personally and that perfectly harmonized with the movement of the Sun, Moon and stars.

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