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Our birth chart is a blueprint for our journey in life

shining light on our path providing direction so

we can navigate the chapters of our life with grace and joy

to achieve success and personal fulfillment!

The purpose of this evolutionary astrology reading is

to make your birth chart come to life so that

you can become the architect of your life!


My evolutionary astrology readings are both spiritual and mythic. 

I incorporate the perspectives of classic Greek and Roman myth

to illuminate the energies of each planet for you in a personal and profound way. 


By taking practical steps to understand ourselves better,

we can embrace our gifts and overcome obstacles and habits that have

held us back in order to achieve our highest potential!

Scott Wolfram, The Traveler's Well



Do you feel as though you are at a Crossroad in life?   


At times, our path is clear. 

At other times, clarity eludes us. 

If you are looking for direction for the next stage of life,

there is no better time to explore the deep insights

provided by Evolutionary Astrology!




Evolutionary Astrology Birth Chart Reading


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Soul Journey Reading


We meet for a 75 minute consultation to

interpret the core themes of your birth chart: 


- Your karmic past

- Your highest potential (dharma)

- The core qualities of your personality

- Keys to supportive relationships

- Themes of upcoming transits


You receive your birth chart, a recording of

the consultation and some instructional material.  




Deep Soul Journey Reading


Consider a Deep Soul Journey consultation

where we meet for 2 hours so that we can cover everything

included in the 75 minute reading plus additional

aspects of the birth chart (including the minor asteroids and Sabian symbols). 

Also, we can discuss the locational energies at your current location.


We simply have more time together to share more of

the rich story contained in your birth chart.



Soul Journey & Forecast Reading


I call this reading the Timing Combo as it combines a

a Birth Chart reading with a Transit Forecast for the year ahead. 

First, we discuss your birth chart for 1 hour and then in the next hour we discuss transits

for the year ahead.



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By weaving together the multi-dimensional blueprint of your birth chart with the mythic archetypes of the planets,

a tapestry is created that reveals the core dynamics of both your karmic past and highest intention, or dharma, for this lifetime. 

The following topics are illuminated by a Soul Journey Consultation:




The essential and often contradictory aspects of your personality,

which reflect the richness and complexity of how you approach life.



The core themes, habits and skills that you have developed in past lives and brought into this life.



The karma that is re-created in our childhood circumstances and early adult experiences that reset the stage for this life,

plus the keys to achieving resolution.



The keys to the soul's path in this life - your purpose, meaning and fulfillment - your highest potential.



The aspects of yourself seeking conscious integration and harmony that further the process of individuation -

enhancing your potential for success.




By fully exploring our birth chart in this Evolutionary Astrology Reading, we understand our self better and we have an improved

understanding of the multi-dimensional blueprint for our life that astrology represents. 


This increased awareness, allows us to be better equipped as we take action to consciously embrace life in a manner that leads to

success and personal fulfillment.  Below are some reasons to consider an evolutionary astrology reading:



A desire for greater clarity of your highest calling in life, your dharma.



Wanting to build a career that embraces your passions, skills and your highest potential, leading to success.



Feeling frustrated by being “blocked” from achieving success and fulfillment, despite using your natural talents.



Identifying your opportunities, and latent skills, seeking to be developed and integrated to promote success.



Identifying your challenges or obstacles and the lessons for growth that they contain.



In order to deepen your understanding of the core themes in your birth chart, I integrate hundreds of

asteroids connected (primarily) with Greek and Roman myth. 

The asteroids play a supporting role in the cast of actors both in classic myth and in your personal life. 


When the minor asteroids connect with the core themes in your birth chart,

they fill in the details and paint a richer and more complete understanding of your birth chart!

Together, I view the interwoven archetypes of the planets and asteroids as your personal “council of the gods”.  


As my guru, Swami Rama of the Himalayas, stated, "you are the architect of your life and you decide your destiny". 

It is my hope that the personal awareness gained from a Soul Journey consultation will help you to embrace this role of

the architect with confidence and "move in harmony with the Sun, Moon and stars".              



Spiritual Mythic Astrology

Council Of The Gods - Art Institute of Chicago   


"Move In Harmony

With The Sun, Moon & Stars"  


This is my motto! 


My approach to astrology is quite practical and I believe we are each

the architect of our own destiny - the stars provide quiet messages and

supportive guidance to our journey. 


 Understanding our birth chart deeply and receiving regular transit updates,

helps us to be in tune with those quiet messages and to move in harmony with them.



 Ganesha - Remover of Obstacles



Why Choose Scott?

I am a full-time astrologer

specializing in exploring the soul's journey through the

birth chart and astrology of location. 


I am a certified consultant and teacher

of Evolutionary Astrology

as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green. 


I am a certified consultant of Astro*Carto*Graphy

as taught by Jim Lewis via Continuum.


I am the past President of Minnesota STARS,

the Minnesota chapter of NCGR.


My greatest joy and my personal dharma is to provide quality service to my wonderful clients!


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