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Spring 2007 in Germany and Austria - Scott Wolfram of The Traveler's Well

Experiencing a Crossroads and Geodetic Resonance...  Since my wife and I began traveling to Europe in September of 2001, our travels have continually brought us back to Bavaria.  We are often asked by friends and family why we are drawn to Munich and Bavaria and the answer is quite simple.  Astrology of Location identifies Munich and Bavaria as a special location for each of us.  I have a Crossroads in Bavaria.  A Crossroad exists when all three mapping systems (Astro*Carto*Graphy, Geodetics and Local Space) cross and connect over one location.  In Bavaria, my karmic past crosses my highest potential or dharma, energizing my life and the journey of the soul.  Tammy has exact Geodetic Resonance in Bavaria with her natal Midheaven, which indicates that she naturally feels a connection between herself and the culture.  For both of us, the result is magic!

Starting in 2008, it is our intention to spend a portion of each year in Munich, Germany.  As a result, the first two weeks of this trip was spent exploring the various neighborhoods of Munich to determine where we would like to settle in the future.  We identified three great neighborhoods and can't wait to live there for an extended period.  For the next two weeks we traveled from Heidelberg to Vienna with beautiful stops in between, including Wolframs-Eschenbach, which is directly connected to our new last name:  Wolfram. 

We hope you enjoy your scroll through the following 30+ photos of our favorite moments, using the arrows to scroll right and left and a single mouse click on the photo to enlarge and expose the text below.