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Sri Vidya and Shivaratri in India - 1998 - Scott Wolfram of The Traveler's Well

Our first international travel was a trip to India in 1998.   During this trip, on Sunday, March 1, 1998 while sitting amidst the smooth stones of the Ganges, I wrote this poem:


I come to the Mother Ganges, humbly

The foothills, so high, tower over me

I feel like a tiny stone

With life, like white water, flowing over me

Like so many, even countless, stones

I sit at Her banks

Wishing now to be so quiet

Hoping to become smooth, like the stones



After many hours of air travel and road travel, we arrived at this lovely oasis about half way from Delhi to Rishikesh. It was quite a welcome site and our first lovely meal in India. Most of what happened before this moment falls into the category of "rude awakening for the foreign tourist". All of it shocking and new, but none of it threatening or hurtful.