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My Personal Journey Toward A Life of Service

Astrology, mythic poetry and the spirituality of India have been constant companions on my life's journey. 

Growing up in Milwaukee, WI, I was fascinated by the myths of the Greek and Roman gods and by the hero's

mythic quest, especially Parzival's quest for the Holy Grail.  I would ride my bike up hills as though I were a knight!


As a teenager, I enjoyed basketball and hoped I would have a career in the NBA!

Don't we all have those types of dreams?

At this time, music was also a great inspiration.  The lyrics of the Beatles, Moody Blues, Donovan and

Bob Dylan inspired my passion for poetry, philosophy, spirituality and India.  During that time,

I began playing and writing music, which is a creative outlet I still enjoy (some songs I have written can

be heard on my Photos & Links page).  In my late teens, I met my Gurudev, Swami Rama of the Himalayas,

and took my first astrology classes.  Together, these interests were important signposts that would point

the way for my future journey in life as an astrologer.  But, first, the corporate world beckoned.  


Scott Wolfram

Like many of you, in my young adult years, I ventured my way onto the “road most traveled” and

spent many years trying to find my way in the corporate world experiencing all of the bumps

in the road along the way.

I pursued a career in the corporate world, focusing on the financial services industry where my roles

evolved into working with individuals and groups as a trainer, coach, manager and productivity consultant. 


Scott Wolfram Wedding


It was through this work that I met my wife, Tamala Sappho in the fall of 1989 in Milwaukee.  Yes, we met at work!

We relocated for our work to Los Angeles and, in 1993, Sappho and I were married at

Paramahansa Yogananda’s Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades, CA.

We have traveled together as best friends and as soul mates for 26 years now!


Founding of The Traveler's Well, My Astrology Practice

In 2001, a fork in the road of life was accompanied by minor health issues and increasing

personal dissatisfaction with my work in the corporate world. 

In a moment of great inspiration, Sappho said to me 'just leave - it is time to start your astrology business'!

So, I left the corporate world and returned to my passion for astrology.  My life-long interest in astrology that began a

s a teenager was transformed into a career of service to others when I founded The Traveler’s Well in 2001.  


The planning, prioritization, and leadership skills I developed in my years in the corporate world

now find more meaningful expression by working with clients.

I enjoy working with clients who are self-employed or clients who find themselves at a 'crossroads'

of sorts and looking to define their next chapter - just as I did back in 2001.

The yogis of India have taught me that each person can choose to become the architect of their own life and by doing so

"move in harmony with the Sun, Moon and stars".  

The goal of my services are to provide useful and practical information

to my clients to honor this notion.



Growing The Traveler's Well, Our Astrology Practice


We look forward to being of service!

Scott & Sappho Wolfram


Scott's Birth Chart & A Cute Photo...


Born July 1957; Milwaukee, WI




Sappho's Birth Chart & A Cute Photo...


Born November 1965; Davenport, IA

(Born: Tamala Ruefer)


Travel and being a traveler has transformed our life and continues to be our muse.  In 1998, we took our first international trip

and spent three weeks in Rishikesh, India (India Photo Journal).  Starting in 2001, we become “frequent travelers” to

Europe exploring and imbibing its culture, quality of life, history and art.  Based on this travel, we had a strong desire to

relocate to Europe.  So, in the Spring of 2007, we took a test drive and spent 1 month in Germany (Germany Photo Journal). 

 In the Summer of 2008, we took another test drive and spent 1 month in Paris (Paris Photo Journal). 


Swami Rama

My spiritual beliefs are the foundation of my life and my calling to serve others - my dharma.  

The following quotes from my Gurudev Swami Rama form the core of the intention for The Traveler's Well

(read more dedications to Swami Rama and Swami Veda Bharati):


"The most ancient traveler in the universe is love."


"Why are the sun, moon and stars constantly on the move? 

If you know the purpose of their movement,

then move in harmony with them. 

If you do not know, then move in harmony with them still,

for by doing so,

one day you will know their purpose."


"You are the architect of your life and you decide your destiny."





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Scott Wolfram

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The image of the Traveler's Well, brought to life through the artistic work of Todd Dakins,

represents the unending cycles of the zodiac. 

This image is intended to convey a couple of key themes. 

First, the reflection of the sun, moon and stars in the well, symbolically represents

a birth chart and the keys to unlock meaning in our lives if we take time to stop

and reflect upon them. 

 Second, the Celtic triple knot represents the place where the circles of the body, mind and spirit are united together in harmony. 


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